2 Floor Diy Smart Metal Vehicle Chassis

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  • 4 Wheel Chassis
  • 2 Floors
  • 2x12V Motors Used
  • DC Motors Provided
  • Powerful Chassis
  • Strong Metal Design
  • Easy To Connect Your Circuit
  • Light Weight
  • Unscrewable Parts

  • Good Speed & Stability

  • This 2 floored robotic vehicle choice is the ideal choice for making customized robots that require more sensors or circuitry to be placed on small robots. With both floors having wide variety of slots and holes for mounting/screwing components and batteries. Make customized robotics as desired using this chassis. Also you may mount your own robotic arms or mechanisms on top floor, keeping below floor for robot circuitry and batteries. With 4 DC motors this strong metal chassis is best choice for robotics enthusiasts.