6 DOF Robotic ARM Programmable Kit
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6 DOF Robotic ARM Programmable Kit

Get the 6 dof robotic mechanical arm for robotics development. Control your programmable robotic arm with arduino, raspberry pi or microcontroller circuits



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  • Easy To Assemble
  • 6 Degrees of Freedom
  • Powerful Servo Motors Provided
  • Designed Gripping Mechanism
  • Smartly Designed Parts
  • Arduino & Raspberry Friendly

Product Overview

Make your own robotics arms and robotics systems using the 6 dof mechanical robotic arm kit. Made of metal parts and powerful servo, the gripper arm provides 6 degrees of freedom. Operate this mechanical robotic arm using arduino boards, raspberry pi or microcontroller based circuits. The robotic arm kit is designed for students, researchers and engineers for robotic arm based systems and projects. Pick up loads and place them with 6 degree of freedom which even humans even human hands cannot do. Get the 6 dof programmable robotic arm kit and operate your own mechanical arm today.




We provide manual with details of the motor use, so you can make circuit using the data.


November 15,2017
It has taken me a lot of learning to get this far, and I can tell you this is the best arm I got so far.

December 29,2017
Really is for serious hobbyist. WORKS GREAT

January 30,2018
I had to hook this up to a power supply via a receiver. It has now made me understand why I couldn't power the servos simultaneous before through my Arduino. Nyc Work!

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