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Electronics Products

AutoLight L5.1

Get Nevon Autolight home, office, industry automation system for light fan switching and dimming. Temperature, date and time display with easy installation.

Balert - Burglar Alert System

B- Alert detects robbers entering into home office and instantly sends SMS to owner so that necessary action can be taken within in time.

GAlert- Gas Leakage Detector & Accident Prevention Device

Get Galert for industries and domestic safety against CNG LPG and other combustible gas leakage detection & automatic accident prevention at NevonExpress

MtSwitch–Motion Based Light Load Switching

Motion based lighting/load switching system for office, home & public toilets. MtSwitch switches on/off your lights or loads depending on human presence detection.

Drulert 2.0 - Drunk Driver Alerting System

Get a call & SMS notification whenever your vehicle driver is drunk with Nevon Drulert. Automated Drunk driver detection & SMS alerting system for vehicles

Nevon Dental Impression Alginate Mixer

Get the automated dental alginate powder mixer for variable speed alginate powder mixing. Low power consumption alginate mixer for dentists equipments

Rfid Based Asset Tracking System

Get Rfid based asset tracking systems with hardware & software. Long range rfid based goods, containers, parts, boxes, equipments & tools tracking system & solutions.

Rfid Based Pet & Animal Identification Tracking System

Get animal identification systems & pet virtual leash system. Global quality rfid based animal tagging for identification and tracking solutions at NevonExpress

Rfid Personnel Authentication & Tracking

Get tailor made personnel tracking & authentication systems. We deliver customized person authentication and indoor tracking rfid based systems for business

Medium Duty Sliding Gate Opener Kit System

Get medium duty commercial sliding gate opener system kit. Compatible with rfid or biometric fingerprint for automatic sliding rolling gate opening system

Medium Duty Swing Gate Opener Kit

Get electric residential & commercial swing gate opener medium duty. Biometric, rfid compatible single & dual electric swing gate opener kit for automatic door

Metal Pipe Bending Machine

NevonSolutions offers electrical Metal Pipe Bending Machine which is engineered & fabricated using best quality raw materials. Our precision rolling pipe & tube bending machines are widely used for circular as well as square tube bending. Our electric metal pipe bending machines are used in various industries to develop different variety of products and systems.

Balert Plus

B-Alert+ simplifies your home office security. Easily installable security system with call & SMS notification and night vision image capture.

Hospital Management System

An easy to use and digitally equipped provides a well-organized hospital management system which gives easy and instant information of the patients to the department they will be assigned. The concerned the doctor will be notified and if he is on leave or busy in OT, then an alternate doctor can be checked and allotted to the patient.

Nevon Automatic Boom Barrier

NevonSolutions Manufactures automatic boom barrier at affordable price. IP54 compliant jerk free boom barriers with both Mains & battery operation & more features

Traffic Counter & Parking Sensor

Vehicle sensor for traffic counter and parking systems. Waterproof road mount car, truck sensor for vehicle automation systems

1.5 Meter Long Range RFID Reader

Get Nevon Long range rfid readers compatible with adruino, raspberry pi and PC with SDK support. Long distance uhf rfid scanners for rfid systems development

4 Meter Long Range RFID Reader

Get 4 meters Long read range rfid readers compatible with development SDK support. Long range uhf rfid scanners for traffic, toll booth, cargo tracking etc.

Footgen - Footstep Power Generator System

Get the footstep power generator system with 100Watt per sq ft generation capacity for power generation at crowded railway stations, bus stops, pilgrim sites, playgrounds, entrance gates etc

LoRa Based IOT Street light Controller System

Nevon IOT street light controller device helps you improve street lights efficiency, instant fault detection and energy saving over IOT using LoRa

LoRa Based IOT Garbage Monitoring System

Nevon IOT garbage monitoring device checks garbage levels for various size dustbins and transmit data to IOT server for smart garbage systems development

LoRa Based IOT Irrigation Sensor & Motor Controllers

Irrigation field moisture monitoring sensors and pump motor controller devices allows you to automate irrigation systems over IOT

LoRa Based IOT Pollution Monitoring System

Monitor pollution levels and get report over IOT using Nevon IOT pollution monitoring device with ppm levels only at NevonExpress

LoRa Based Toll Booth Scanner System

Nevon wireless toll booth scanners for toll booth automation, uhf long range rfid scanners for toll booths and other vehicle entry system

LoRa Gateway & LoRaWAN Industrial Gateways

Get LoRa gateways to connect your LoRa systems to internet or external networks. Get LoRaWAN industrial gateways at affordable rates with 2 years warranty only at NevonExpress

Fingerprint Bike Starter

Fingerprint bike starter allows you to upgrade your bike with multi user authentication feature, anti theft & towing alert for the modern rider

4 Channel IOT Data Logger For Industries

4 channel IOT based Data logger for with thermocouple, pressure and level measurement to check data on website as well as mobile phone online or local PC

Customized Shafts Manufacturing & Supplier

Get custom made Automobile Shaft, Cam & Rocker Shaft, Drum Shaft, Pinion Shaft, Industrial Shafts, Feeder Shaft, Helical & Flexible Shaft, Block & Piston Shaft

Customized Bearing Housings

Custom Made Pump Bearing Housing, Spherical & Cast Iron Bearing Housing, Propeller Shaft Bearing Housing, Blocks & Close Type Housing, Flanged & Triangular Flanged Housing

Customized Precision Turned Parts

Get custom made precision turned parts for industrial machinery, automobiles manufacturing or mechanical projects as per requirement

Customized Couplings & Spacers

Custom Made Spacers, Tyre Coupling, Stainless Steel Couplings, Rigid & Flexible Rubber Couplings, Gear Coupling, Nylon Gear & Plum Couplings, Universal Couplings, Motor Couplings

Customized Timing Pulley & Belts

Get customized Timing Pulley for motorized pulleys or idler pulley as per your requirement using our precision manufacturing services with affordable worldwide delivery

Customized Metal Gears

Get Custom Made Spur Gears, Worm Gears, Knurled Gears, Helical Gears with worldwide delivery for industrial applications, machinery & mechanical projects

LoRa Street Light Controller Device

LST 105 is a LoRa powered IOT streetlight controller device for streetlight mount with wireless operation, fault detection and more features using LoRaWAN

LoRa LED Switcher & Dimmer

LST 106 is a LoRa powered IOT streetlight controller for LED streetlights with dimming operation, fault detection and more features using LoRaWAN.

Single Arm Street Pole Node

LST 215 is a LoRa powered IOT streetlight controller device with power monitoring & saving, fault detection, pole damage detection for single arm street poles.

Dual Arm Street Pole Node

LST 216 is a LoRa powered IOT streetlight controller device with power monitoring & saving, fault detection, pole damage detection for dual arm street poles

High Mast Pole Node

LST 217 is a LoRa powered IOT streetlight controller device with power monitoring & saving, fault detection, pole damage detection for high mast street poles.