Autolight | Android + Remote Light Fan Switching System

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  • 2 Way Control: Android & Remote
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy Light Switching & Dimming
  • Easy Fan Switching & Speed Control
  • Fuse Protection
  • Timer Control Option
  • Temperature Display
  • Date Time Display
  • Energy Saver

  • Installation Videos Provided

  • Forget the manual light, fan switching system. Nevon Autolight is here, the next generation light, fan switching system. With Android as well as Remote controlled mode, you can now operate your lights and fans from the comfort of your sofa.
    Well here are some amazing features of this product:

  • Adjust the brightness, of your lights using a remote, or your android phone.
  • Set fan speed using the remote, or your android phone.
  • Reduce electricity bills, as Autolight smartly conserves energy, when you dim the lights and fan intensity.
  • Nevon Autolight also has an inbuilt timer to switch on, or off, your lights and fans at user specified timings.
  • It also provides the current temperature readings throughout the day. And you get all these amazing features in one single product. So automate your home, office or industry today with Nevon Autolight.