Batmobile Robotic Chassis Kit Diy
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Batmobile Robotic Chassis Kit Diy

Get the black batmobile robotic chassis body kit to build your own robotics projects & robotics workshops. Smart 2WD batmobile robot car chassis.



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  • 2 Wheel Drive
  • Motors Provided
  • Smart Black Finish
  • Efficient Design
  • Easy To Connect Your Circuit
  • Battery Space
  • Unscrewable Parts
  • Stability Tested
  • Compact Design

Product Overview

Get the 2WD smart batmobile chassis to build your own robotic systems and vehicles with ease. Mount your sensors and batteries with ease on the diy batmobile chassis kit. Use with arduino, raspberry pi & microcontrollers to build your customized robotics projects and workshops using the batmobile robotic chassis body.


Use 9 V lithium batteries or 12v lead acid batteries.

2 Motors

Local electronics shops in your area or on ecommerce sites


November 03,2017
The batmobile is very easy to connect to the circuits, and very feasiable.

December 19,2017
The design is compact and the stability of the mobile is just extraordinary

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