Clinic Appointment Scheduling & Doctor Management Application

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Clinic Appointment Scheduling & Coordinator System

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A complete clinic management system with online appointment booking, subordinate doctor management, appointment scheduling, staff management through android app.


  • Appointment Booking: An android application of your own clinic allows patients to book appointments as per your visiting doctor timings from the comfort of their home.

  • Appointment Scheduling: The system schedules appointment process for better scheduling and slot timing allocation as per bookings.

  • Doctor Coordination: All visiting doctors can see their appointments at particular clinics and also patient history data for pre analysis of patient history before appointment.

  • Suppliers & Laboratories: Store, manage and share your suppliers and laboratories contacts with their product details in your application for easy access.

Product Overview

This Android app system helps doctors manage other visiting doctors, colleagues in their clinic/hospital as well as manage and maintain patient data. This automates many activities including appointment booking, patient records storage and retrieval, manage visiting doctor schedule and appointments and more.

System Benefits

Efficient coordination and smart scheduling for increased productivity.

Pre-analysis of patient history for better and faster treatments.

Easy to manage from android phone.

Instant retrieval of suppliers and laboratories

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