Fingerprint Bike Starter

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Fingerprint Bike Starter

Fingerprint bike starter allows you to upgrade your bike with multi user authentication feature, anti theft & towing alert for the modern rider



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  • Fingerprint Security
  • Multi User Storage
  • Keyless
  • Theft Alert
  • Towing Alert
  • GPS Tracking
  • Easy To Install
  • Easy To Use

Product Overview

Get the Nevon fingerprint bike starter kit to transform your bike into a 21st century ride. With fingerprint security live keyless and start your bike using just a fingerprint scan. It allows for multiple user registration so that only authorized members may operate the bike. The system comes with a anti theft as well as anti towing feature that alerts you instantly through an sms message and allows you to track its position over a map. Nevon fingerprint bike starter is the next generation of motor bike upgrade for a keyless, towing & theft proof bike.

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