GAlert- Gas Leakage Detection with Alert
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GAlert- Gas Leakage Detector & Accident Prevention Device

Get Galert for industries and domestic safety against CNG LPG and other combustible gas leakage detection & automatic accident prevention at NevonExpress



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  • Instant Gas Detection
  • Fire Sensing
  • Buzzer Alert
  • Store Upto 3 Numbers
  • Sophisticated Design
  • High Sensitivity or LPG & CNG
  • Smoke Sensing
  • SMS Alert
  • Instant Alerting

Product Overview

Galert is a fully automated gas accident prevention and notification system for industrial and domestic usage. G alert is designed to detect combustible gas leakages and automatically avoid any accident from happening. Galert avoids accidents by using 2 precationaty measures:

  • 1) Switch on Exhaust fans as soon as gas is detected
  • 2) Alert the authorized user mobile phone using call & SMS to shut gas supply
  • 3) Keep exhaust fans running until the hazardous gas is sucked out

  • Galert ensures 100% safety from Gas accidents Gas leakages have been a quite big reason behind numerous fire outrages. Due to the use of natural gas in a variety of domestic as well as industrial applications, gas leakages pose a great risk to life and property. Since detecting gas leakages is not always easy for humans, we have a device that does this duty 24x7. Nevon Express provides G alert an efficient and standalone gas leakage detection system that has the capability to monitor for gas leakages 24 hours. So sleep sound every night, G alert is there to wake you up in case of gas leakages.


    The system will call the mobile phones in loop. i.e if the 1st mobile phone doesn’t pick up the call then the system will again call the 1st mobile phone number in the system.

    The system instantly detects the gas and initializes the calling process

    The system can have slot for either Micro or nano SIM.


    June 3,2017
    This is indeed very easy to use but powerful. This has a strong gas leakage detector and is also lightweight system. This has the capability of detecting both large scale and tiny leaks.

    July 29,2017
    Nice product. easy to use .. no worries of gas leakage in my factory now

    August 24,2017
    Gas leakage cant go undetected in my house with this... tested it on delivery & working good

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