GAlert- Gas Leakage Detection with Alert


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  • Instant Gas Detection
  • High Sensitivity or LPG & CNG
  • Fire Sensing
  • Smoke Sensing
  • Buzzer Alert
  • SMS Alert
  • Store Upto 3 Numbers
  • Instant Alerting
  • Sophisticated Design

  • Galert is a fully automated gas accident prevention and notification system for industrial and domestic usage. G alert is designed to detect combustible gas leakages and automatically avoid any accident from happening. Galert avoids accidents by using 2 precationaty measures:

  • 1) Switch on Exhaust fans as soon as gas is detected
  • 2) Alert the authorized user mobile phone using call & SMS to shut gas supply
  • 3) Keep exhaust fans running until the hazardous gas is sucked out

  • Galert ensures 100% safety from Gas accidents Gas leakages have been a quite big reason behind numerous fire outrages. Due to the use of natural gas in a variety of domestic as well as industrial applications, gas leakages pose a great risk to life and property. Since detecting gas leakages is not always easy for humans, we have a device that does this duty 24x7. Nevon Express provides G alert an efficient and standalone gas leakage detection system that has the capability to monitor for gas leakages 24 hours. So sleep sound every night, G alert is there to wake you up in case of gas leakages.