Home and Office Automation Products & Systems

Tired of living your life, the old-fashioned way? Well automate your living and working environment using our range of office and home automation systems. Enhance your home with our latest products that automate your lifestyle and stay ahead with our latest home automation systems. With a wide range of products from daily task automation products to enhanced security systems, we have a solution for every automation need. In addition, your search for an enhanced office automation system ends here. We have the largest variety of automated office solutions and products for you.

Robotics Chassis and Robotics Parts

Balert - Burglar Alert System

US $ 82.004
Robotics Chassis and Robotics Parts

Balert Plus

US $ 187.633
Robotics Chassis and Robotics Parts

Drulert 2.0 - Drunk Driver Alerting System

US $ 55.319
Robotics Chassis and Robotics Parts

1.5 Meter Long Range RFID Reader

US $ 162.530
Robotics Chassis and Robotics Parts

Traffic Counter & Parking Sensor

US $ 40.632

Our research on latest technology enables us to develop innovative products and systems that automate various home, office and industrial needs. Automating your office helps, you automate your business needs and thus improve work efficiency. Our range of office automation systems helps you increase business productivity and automate various official tasks.