Large Heavy Load Robotic Chassis Metal


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  • 2x12V powerful motors provided
  • Metal Design
  • Best For Robowar Competitions
  • Best For Off Road Robotic Development
  • Easy To Connect Your Circuit
  • Upto 30Kg Payload Capacity
  • Unscrewable Parts
  • Stability Tested
  • HeavyDuty Chassis

  • Battery Space Provided

  • Build your own off road robotic systems using the metallic heavy load robotic chassis. With off road wheels and both side operation even on flipping over, this is the best and strongest robotic chassis for robot wars and competitions. Develop agriculture robots or heavy duty robots with upto 30 kg load carrying capacity. The powerful motors allow it to carry upto 30 kg of weights. Also build our own robotic mechanisms and sensor based systems for this off road heavy duty chassis by nevonexpress.