LoRa Based IOT Garbage Monitoring Device

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LoRa Based IOT Garbage Monitoring System

Nevon IOT garbage monitoring device checks garbage levels for various size dustbins and transmit data to IOT server for smart garbage systems development

Device Details:

  • Easy To Install
  • Energy Monitoring Of Multiple Bins
  • Available for All Size Bins
  • Remote Data Transmission
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Over 1 Years Of Battery Life
  • Easy To Integrate With Your Cloud System

Product Overview

Nevon IOT Garbage monitoring device is the key to next generation of garbage management systems and solutions. Get LoRa based garbage monitoring device for various dustbin sizes. With ultrasonic sensing and long range transmission range our garbage monitoring devices are able to provide all these capabilities at very low power consumption. Manage large garbage management system across your city on your personalized communication network using our IOT garbage monitoring devices.

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