LoRa Based Toll Booth Scanner Device

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LoRa Based Toll Booth Scanner System

Nevon wireless toll booth scanners for toll booth automation, uhf long range rfid scanners for toll booths and other vehicle entry system


  • Upto 4 Meters Scan Range
  • Efficient LoRa Communication
  • IP68 Water Resistant
  • Built in Circular Polarization Antenna
  • Both RS232 & USB Output Available
  • Easy To Integrate
  • Development SDK Available
  • Robust operation

Product Overview

Nevon Long range toll booth scanner device for toll booth automation. With 4 meters read range, nevon toll booth scanners provide a robust scanners for long range tag reading. Nevon long range rfid scanners use UHF rfid technology to scan tags at upto 4 meters range. Our toll booth scanners come with wireless transmission capabilities that allow them to communicate with your boom barriers without any wired connections using LoRa communication technology. Get your toll booth scanner devices with development API to easily integrate in your own systems only at NevonExpress.

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