Nevon Dental Impression Alginate Mixer
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Nevon Dental Impression Alginate Mixer

Get the automated dental alginate powder mixer for variable speed alginate powder mixing. Low power consumption alginate mixer for dentists equipments



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  • Smooth Paste for perfect impressions
  • Allows for faster setting time
  • Smart design
  • Low Noise
  • Free bowl
  • Free measurement cup
  • Effective mixing optimizes the setting reaction time in alginate
  • No experience needed
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to mount bowl
  • Free spatula
  • 1 year warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Hygenic to use
  • Efficient Performance

Product Overview

Mixing alginate power to make smooth paste is not so easy task. It requires experience as well as quite a lot of time for making the smooth paste needed for taking good impressions. Well with the nevon alginate mixer, you no longer need to worry about lumps of air bubbles in the mixture. Also it allows you to make the perfect paste in a fraction of a time that would be required in making it manually. Get the smooth alginate mix each time for dental impressions using nevon dental mixer.


Yes please check the video for demo

No just mount is apply pressure and it fits.

Just follow our manual given with product for ratio of mixing and procedure to mix to get perfect mixture each time

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