Nevon Drulert 2.0 - Drunk Driver Alerting System
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Drulert 2.0 - Drunk Driver Alerting System

Get a call & SMS notification whenever your vehicle driver is drunk with Nevon Drulert. Automated Drunk driver detection & SMS alerting system for vehicles



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  • Drunk Driver Detection
  • Call Notification
  • Efficient Monitoring
  • Very Low Power Consumption
  • Easily Mountable on Dashboard
  • Dual Number Storage
  • SMS Notification
  • No False Alarms
  • Small Design

Product Overview

Drunk driving leads to a lot of vehicle/train accidents. Now there is a way to detect drunk drivers and get notified instantly of the issue. Nevon Drulert 2.0 monitors the drivers breath for alcohol content. If an over dose (above permissible level) of alcohol content is detected in the drivers breath, system calls the authority/owner of vehicle as well as sends an SMS notification. User can program it with upto two phone numbers. System allows for a robust drunk driver detection system for bus, train, tourist vehicle driver drink and drive detection so owners/ authorities can know of the situations and take required instant action against drivers. This will help lower accident rates caused by drivers driving under the influence of alcohol.


A Strong Tape is provided with it.

Just connect it to car battery or ask your garage to do it.

No it is tested and does not give false alarm.


March 18, 2017
needed some help while connecting to my truck battery but working as desired.

June 13,2017
my tourist vehicle drivers are afraid to drink ny alcoholic content while or before driving. Atleast my customers are very secure now

July 19,2017
Your service is good and the best thing was the quality of the robot body and thanks for the additional screws provided.

September 14,2017
The kit arrived on time and is as per shown in the images and video

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