Advanced Robotic Chassis Platform & Robotic Parts DIY

Robotic Chassis & Parts

Chassis is a framework which supports the body of a robot. It is a vehicle frame on which one can install the body of the robot. We are here to help you find innovative and efficient chassis for your robotic system. Get robotic chassis and parts to build your own robotic systems with ease. Build robotic projects and mechanics using our robotic chassis. Innovative and efficient chassis with designs that help you build your own mechanisms using our chassis. Develop custom robotics using our chassis and robotic parts. From Walking to vehicle robots we have all the robotic parts you need. From robot vehicle and tank chassis to 6dof arms, we have all the parts you need to design your efficient robots. Browse through our category of 3-10 dof robotic chassis and parts for robotics development today. You can build your own walking robot to a rough terrain vehicle with all the required parts available with us. Develop custom robotics using our chassis and robotic parts.

3 Wheel Robotic Vehicle Chassis

Get 3 wheel drive robotic chassis body to develop your own robotic projects. Efficient 3wd robotic chassis kit for robotics projects & systems.

4 Wheel Robotic Vehicle Chassis

Get 4 Wheel drive robotic chassis & body kit. Develop your own robotic projects and systems using 4WD robotic vehicle body chassis.

6 Wheel Robotic Body Chassis

Get unique 6wheel drive metal robotic chassis for strong robotic vehicle body. Best for robotics projects & workshops 6WD robotic chassis.

2 Wheel Drive Circular Robot Chassis

Get the 2 wheel drive circular robotic chassis for robotics projects & workshops to develop mini robots of your own using arduino or microcontroller circuits.

2 Wheel Drive For Arduino

Get 2 wd chassis for arduino. Smart 2 wheel drive chassis for arduino, microcontroller interfacing chassis with battery space and easy mount.

Robotic Metal Tank Chassis

Get 2 wd circular robot chassis for robotics development. Develop robotics projects and systems using 2wd circular robotic chassis at NevonExpress.

Rough Terrain Metal Monster Truck Chassis Body

Build your metal robotic systems for competitions or rough terrain using our metal monster truck chassis body. 4 Wheel drive monster truck chassis body.

Batmobile Robotic Chassis Kit Diy

Get the black batmobile robotic chassis body kit to build your own robotics projects & robotics workshops. Smart 2WD batmobile robot car chassis.

High Power Robotic Tractor Chassis Kit Metal Body

Build your agriculture robots or other smart robotic projects and systems using the tractor robotic chassis kit. Strong robotic metal body for robotic development.

Self Balancing Robot Chassis Body Diy

Build your own self balancing robots using the self balancing robotic chassis body kit. With three layers for circuit mounting, battery and other stuff.

Tracked Robotic Tank Chassis

Get the tracked robotic tank chassis body for robotics development & workshops. More battery space as well as circuit mounting space for robot development.

2 Floor Diy Smart Metal Vehicle Chassis

Get the 2 floored metal robotic vehicle chassis to make your custom robotics projects and vehicles with 2 floor space for more sensors/circuit and battery mounting space.

Large Heavy Load Robotic Chassis Metal

Get large heavy load capacity robotic vehicle chassis body for robotic competitions with metal design off road robotic chassis needed for robotic systems development.

Flying Saucer UFO Robotic Kit Diy

Build your own custom robots using the flying saucer style UFO robotic chassis with excellent rotating motion and well balanced body stability.

Tracked Metal Tank Chassis DIY

Get metal tracked robot chassis for robotics projects and diy development. Make your own robotic projects and systems using the tracked robotic tank chassis body.

Large Metal Robotic Tank Chassis For RoboWars

Get the large Metal robotic tank chassis for robowars tanks and load carrying robotic development. Upto 30kg load carrying capacity caterpillar tracked tank chassis

Smart 2 WD Robotic Vehicle Chassis Platform

Get the smart 2 WD robotic vehicle chassis platform with motors to develop your own robotic projects. Two Wheel Driven unique robotic chassis for custom robotics.

2 WD Unique Metal Robotic Chassis Platform

Get unique 2WD metal robotic vehicle chassis for robotics projects and DIY robots development. Motorized 2 Wheeld robotic chassis for DIY development.

Mini Wheelchair Chassis

Develop your own wheelchair based prototype and projects using the mini wheelchair chassis.

Mini Forklift Chassis

Get the mini forklift chassis to develop efficient forklift based prototypes and projects.

6 DOF Robotic ARM Programmable Kit

Get the 6 dof robotic mechanical arm for robotics development. Control your programmable robotic arm with arduino, raspberry pi or microcontroller circuits

5 DOF Robotic Mechanical ARM

Get the 5 DOF Robotic Mechanical ARM for your robotics development. Program and control your robotic ARM with arduino, raspberry pi or micro-controller circuits.