Security Automation Products and Sytems

Is that burglar wearing a mask bothering you? Are security issues making you sleepless? Well nevon express has a variety of system and products to solve your problem.

Balert - Burglar Alert System

B- Alert detects robbers entering into home office and instantly sends SMS to owner so that necessary action can be taken within in time.

GAlert- Gas Leakage Detector & Accident Prevention Device

Get Galert for industries and domestic safety against CNG LPG and other combustible gas leakage detection & automatic accident prevention at NevonExpress

Drulert 2.0 - Drunk Driver Alerting System

Get a call & SMS notification whenever your vehicle driver is drunk with Nevon Drulert. Automated Drunk driver detection & SMS alerting system for vehicles

Balert Plus

B-Alert+ simplifies your home office security. Easily installable security system with call & SMS notification and night vision image capture.

Traffic Counter & Parking Sensor

Vehicle sensor for traffic counter and parking systems. Waterproof road mount car, truck sensor for vehicle automation systems

1.5 Meter Long Range RFID Reader

Get Nevon Long range rfid readers compatible with adruino, raspberry pi and PC with SDK support. Long distance uhf rfid scanners for rfid systems development

Fingerprint Bike Starter

Fingerprint bike starter allows you to upgrade your bike with multi user authentication feature, anti theft & towing alert for the modern rider

GPS Based Soldier Tracking System Solution

GPS soldier tracking devices and solutions for military safety using secure communication network based systems by NevonSolutions

IOT Inmate Tracking System For Prisons

Nevonexpress offers iot based inmate tracking solutions for improving prison security using escape detection and prisoner tracking technology.

Nevon express provides a list of latest home security systems, office security systems and other general burglar detection systems to address your security issues. Get burglar alarms and fire alarms to ensure that your home and office are secured while you sleep. Why spend sleepless nights when there is a system available to take care of burglars. Get the widest range of home/office security systems and burglar detection systems only at nevon express.