Self Balancing Robot Chassis Body Diy
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Self Balancing Robot Chassis Body Diy

Build your own self balancing robots using the self balancing robotic chassis body kit. With three layers for circuit mounting, battery and other stuff.



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  • 2x12Vmotors provided
  • Firm Design
  • Smart Black Finish
  • Efficient Balance Performance
  • Easy To Connect Your Circuit
  • Smart Lightweight Chassis
  • Unscrewable Parts
  • Stability Tested
  • Compact Design
  • Battery Space Provided

Product Overview

Build self balancing robotic vehicles using our self balancing robotic chassis kit. Get the 3 layer 2 motor self balancing robot chassis body for customized robotic development. Do it yourself self balancing robotic kit body with 3 floors. Place circuits, mount batteries as well as make desired self balancing robots with this firm structure robotic chassis body kit. Make customized self balancing robots for projects.


It can be used with arduino, raspberry pi or microcontroller based circuits.

2 x 12V Dc motors are provided

Use lipo battery for best performance

Yes its unscrewable

One for circuit, one for battery and one to keep more sensors/advanced circuitry/fancy stuff.


November 03,2017
Affordable and nice looks thats all was expected from my robot body. Thanks nevonxpress

December 26,2018
Smart and light weighted chasis.

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