Free Furniture Store Billing & Accounting Software


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  • Easy transaction handling
  • Easy accounting
  • Easy billing and printing
  • Suppliew/Dealer Management
  • Finance Management
  • Easy Report
  • Export to excel/pdf

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    Product Description

    Product Overview

    Day by day use of furniture in human life is growing exponentially and furniture business is growing proportionally. Furniture have different sections for ex- Antique furniture, modern furniture, bedroom furniture etc. and every section have various types of products which makes this business difficult to manage. So we have designed a database to help your growing business and manage it efficiently.Advantages of FIMS: Time efficiency: FIMS will help you in saving your time wasted in keeping registers of sales, purchases and other accounting tasks. Accuracy: FIMS will calculate all data automatically so there is no chance of human error in it. Customer Satisfaction: FIMS will help you tracking history of individual customer's purchases and give them discount and incentives .this will increase customer satisfaction and establish his personal connection to your shop. So we recommend you to download this software and manage your process efficiently and expand it to new heights.