Free Optician Clinic Manager Software


  • Easy to manage customer details
  • Easy to manage stocks
  • Easy bill prints
  • Store transaction history
  • Easily get profit and loss reports
  • Easy accounting

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    Product Overview

    Itís a very tough and important task for the opticians to maintain minute details of their customers as it has to deal with the customerís eyesight, this business cannot afford for errors in the customerís information. Advantages of optical management software: Management of data: In optical store you have to deal with lot of data for ex. Spherical and cylindrical power of lens its axis, papillary distance(PD) and many other type of data. So itís very messy task but with help of our software you could manage all these data on computer very easily and efficiently. Management of customer: Using this software you could manage every customerís history of using corrective lens and gauge whether vision is right or decreasing very fast. Accuracy and Time efficiency: this software will save your time which is wasted in maintaining the register and there is no chance of human error in maintaining the data. Accounting tasks: this software will perform all your accounting tasks such as storing transaction details, calculating profit and loss, printing bills easily. This software will perform these tasks automatically so there is no chance of human error in this. As this software is completely free and could be downloaded from our website easily so we recommend you to download this software and manage your clinic more efficiently.