Free General Physician Clinic Manager Software


  • Easy to manage customer details
  • Easy to manage stocks
  • Easy bill prints
  • Store transaction history
  • Easily get profit and loss reports
  • Easy accounting

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    Product Description

    Product Overview

    Physicians need to maintain a lot of data. If their task is carried out with the help of this software, it will save a lot of time and will avoid paper work which may include a lot of errors. Some advantages of this software are as following.

    • It will make easy to manage customer details. Neither you have to maintain any register of customer nor the customer need to bring files.
    • It will make it easy to and manage stocks of medicine and check which is available in abundant amount as well as which is below average.
    • You will not have to do billing by hand it will do it automatically and print it.
    • It will maintain records of all your transaction and other accounting activities.
    • You could calculate profit and loss data weekly, monthly, yearly or daily at one click.
    • It will save your time wasted in maintaining customer details, accounting works and many other unnecessary tasks. As this software is completely free and could be downloaded from our website easily so we recommend you to download this software and manage your clinic more efficiently.