Tracked Metal Tank Chassis DIY


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  • Strong Steel Body
  • 5 - 10kg Load bearing capacity
  • Metal Finish
  • Metal Wheels
  • Battery Mounting Space
  • Circuit Mounting Space
  • Smart Design & Efficient Working
  • Compact Robot
  • Development Friendly Chassis

  • 2 Powerful Motors Provided

  • Get the tracked tank chassis body for developing your own robotic projects and diy systems using robotic tank chassis. Strong metal structure with unscrewable parts and mounting area. Easy to mount and use chassis with your circuit or development boards. Ample space with holes and mount area for fisxing battery as well as development boards and circuitry. With upto 10kg load bearing capacity, build your robots and diy kits with nevonexpress tank chassis. Get the powerful tracked robotic tank chassis body to make your own robotic systems with ease.