Fingerprint Attendance System | Biometric Classes and Tuitions Management Software
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FingerPrint Attendance System For Classes & Tutions

Fingerprint attendance desktop software for classes and tuitions to keep the records of students attending the assigned batch in the venue with the biometric of studentís prints and automatically updating the record in the database.



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  • Biometric Attendance of the students
  • No false marking of the attendance
  • Reduce burden of the management
  • Easy to install and use
  • Get defaulters list of students (Attendance & Payments)
  • Adding new students and updating the old ones.
  • Fingerprint attendance system free trial Available
  • Compatible with windows7

Product Overview

Fingerprint attendance system for classes uses biometric of the batch of students attending the lectures in the specified venue with a specific time duration (in hours or day). Fingerprint attendance desktop software, lessens the burden of the management of the classes by manually taking attendance of the students. This system allows the admin to add the students with his details provided while enrolling to the classes. Depending on the availability in the batches the students are assigned to the particular batch. Fingerprint attendance desktop software keeps the records of the student's attendance and notifies them as well as the faculty about the defaulters list, i.e., student who don't regularly attend the lectures. The students has to scan their finger as they enter the premises and while leaving the premises of the classes.
This software hence improves the whole attendance system making it easier for the administration to keep the records and managing the updates with very little efforts.

Uses Of FingerPrint Attendance System:

  • Smart classes integration
  • Reduced burden on management
  • Faculty and students satisfaction
  • List of students in defaulters
  • Personal report of students
  • Keeping track of payment and transaction details.

Technical Details

  • Server Needed: Windows
  • Database: MSSQL

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