10 Meters Range RFID Reader
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10 Meters Range RFID Reader

10 Meters Long Range RFID reader for vehicle parking, asset tracking, boom barrier automation, industrial assembly lines and jewellery tracking




  • Upto 10 meter read distance
  • Pole mount as well as Wall Mount Provided
  • Programmed Controller Available as per Requirement
  • IP65 Compliant Waterproofing
  • Smart Compact Design
  • Waterproof Programmed RFID Tags Available
  • Integration & Installation Service Available

Product Overview

NevonSolutions develops RFID readers ranging from 2 meters to 10 meters for various applications. Our Long range RFID Reader enables full automation of various applications including vehicle parking, asset tracking, Industrial Assembly Lines, Jewellery Tracking, Museum/Art Galleries and more. We provide RFID readers customized as per your requirements. Our RFID readers can be integrated into boom barriers, electronics gates, assembly lines, PLC's and other systems as per your need. Get the nevon 10 meters Range RFID reader and start automation.

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