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1000KV BLDC Brushless Motor

Buy high quality 1000KV BLDC Brushless Motor along with other DC motor, brushless DC motor, DC servo motor, high torque DC motor, brushless DC electric motor, e bike DC motor, DC gear motor, DC bo motor, Johnson geared motor and much more online at low price.


Available Stock : 500 Unit

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Product Overview

Nevon Express supplies a wide range of high-quality DC motors which includes 1000KV BLDC Brushless Motor. This motor provides high performance, super power and brilliant efficiency. Such BLDC motors are specifically designed and made for quadcopters and multirotor. It is a 1000kV motor. This brushless DC motor is constructed with a permanent magnet rotor and wire wound stator poles. Such BLDC motors are commonly and widely used as pump, fan and spindle drives in adjustable or variable speed applications.

Max Efficiency:80%
Max Efficiency Current:4-10A (>75%)
Current Capacity:12A/60s
No Load Current at10V:0.5A
No. Of Cells:2-3 Li-Poly
Motor Dimensions:27.5 x 30mm

Features :

• Small & Compact size.
• Light weight design.
• Provides great performance.
• Faster & better speed control.

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