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10K Ohm 1-Watt Resistor

Buy 10K Ohm 1-Watt Resistor and wide variety of resistors online at lowest and best price in India and worldwide for electronics and electrical use at nevonexpress.


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Product Overview

10K ohm [10K Ω 1W], 1-Watt Resistor

Resistors are widely used to reduce current flow, adjust signal levels, divide voltages, bias active elements, terminate transmission lines and much more. Buy all types of resistors online at lowest price at Nevon Express. Nevon Express offers a wide variety of resistors for electronics development, repair and other development. Buy single quantity or bulk quantity resistors online only at nevonexpress.com.


10K Ohm
1 Watt

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10K Ohm 1-Watt Resistor

10K Ohm 1-Watt Resistor

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