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10k Thermistor Temperature Sensor

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10K thermistor having a negative temperature coefficient. A Good choice for times when you want temperature detection, an NTC thermistor can be used. These are used for water lines, air conditioners, and other areas where they could get moist. The PVC coat of these sensors are composed to 105 °C so this is not great for really hot material.


Resistance at 25 degrees C
10K + - 1%
B-value (material constant) = 3950+ - 1%
Dissipation factor (loss-rate of energy of a mode of oscillation) ð th = (in air)approx.7.5mW/K
Thermal cooling time constant <= (in air) 20 seconds
Thermistor temperature range -55 °C to 125 °C

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10k Thermistor Temperature Sensor

10k Thermistor Temperature Sensor

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