12.5 HP 3000 RPM 3 Phase AC Electric Motor 9.7 KWH

Buy 12.5 HP 3000 RPM 3 Phase AC Electric Motor 9.7 KWH with foot mount or flange mount at lowest price at nevonexpress.

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Flange Mount


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Product Overview

Get high performance 12.5 HP 3000 RPM 3 Phase AC Electric Motor 9.7 KWH at lowest price online by nevonexpress. This Squirrel cage induction motor is fully enclosed with efficient fan cooling and capacitor Start Ball Bearing Shaft and key. This motor is Suitable For 400 440 Volts 50 Cycles three phase Supply, CE Certified Low price, rugged design less complexity and simple to maintain of AC motors outcomes many of the industrial operations are done using AC drives compared to DC drives. AC induction motor is a kind of electric motor having performance and its own characteristics in terms of starting, speed control, protections, and so forth. The three-phase AC induction motor is a rotating electric machine thats designed to function on three phase supply. This three phase motor is known as an asynchronous motor. This AC motors are two types: squirrel and slip-ring type induction motors. The principle of performance of the motor is based on the creation of rotating magnetic field. Nevonexpress supplies high quality 3 phase electric motors for various industrial requirements in flange as well as foot mount settings at very affordable prices.


12.5 HP
Power Consumption
9.37 KWH
132 M
CE Certified

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