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2.8 inch SPI Touch Screen Module TFT Interface 240*320

Buy a 2.8” SPI LCD module with resistive touch screen of 240x320 resolution which has three configurable keys, at lowest price only at Nevonexpress


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Product Overview

A 2.8” SPI LCD Module with the resolution of 240x320 touch screen display. The LCD module has a resistive touch screen panel with 240x320 resolution. The ICs that give the LCD module the resistive touch property are the ST7789S IC and XPT2046 resistive touch IC. The LCD Module has the SPI interface and three keys which are configurable by the user for desired function.

Package Includes

1 x 2.8-inch SPI Touch Screen Module TFT Interface 240 x 320
1 x Stylus Pen


touch panel
2.8″ SPI Serial
Display area:
8.5 x 4.8cm
Driver element:
a-Si TFT active matrix
Pixel arrangement:
RGB vertical stripe
Driver IC:
White LED
Viewing Direction:
6 o’clock
Color Depth:
Resolution (dots):
240RGB x 320Dots
5V compatible, use with 3.3V or 5V logic
Need at least 4 IOs from your MCU
With PCB plate (including power supply IC, SD), compatible with 5110 interface

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