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220 Ohm 1/4-Watt Resistor

Buy 220 Ohm 1/4 quarter Watt Resistor online at lowest price in India and worldwide along with variety of resistors for electronics and electrical use at nevonexpress

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Product Overview

220 ohm [220 Ω 1/4W], 1/4 Watt Resistor

Resistors are widely used to reduce current flow, adjust signal levels, divide voltages, bias active elements, terminate transmission lines and much more. 220 Ohm 1/4-Watt Resistor have many applications which includes voltage limiter, current limiter and also used in DIY projects requiring impedance matching.


220 Ohm
0.25 Watt

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220 Ohm 1/4-Watt Resistor

220 Ohm 1/4-Watt Resistor

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