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24V 2A SMPS Power Supply Board

Buy high quality 24V 2A SMPS Power Supply Board along with other Transformers, Adapters, switch mode power supply, Dual channel SMPS, SMPS power adapter online at low price with best discount offers.

Product Overview

Nevon Express supplies a wide range of high-quality transformers, adapters, switch mode power supply which includes which includes 24V 2A SMPS Power Supply Board. We aim at providing and satisfying all demands of customers and provide them high quality products with more convenience, higher efficiency and optimized cost. This SMPS power supply has input voltage of 220V AC and maximum output current of 2 Ampere.


Output Voltage: 24V
Max Output Current: 2 Amps
Input Voltage: 220 V AC


• It has 24V Output Voltage.
• Its Max Output Current is 2 Amps.
• Its Input Voltage is 220 V AC.

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