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3 In 1 Hydroponic Plants Soil Moisture Ph Light Meter, Tester

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Product Overview

This 3-in-1 moisture, light and pH meter with easy usage scale could spare you a ton of cash and stress. Utilizing this logically precise estimating gadget you can make certain your soil moisture and pH is kept up at the correct levels. Also it helps you monitor weather your plants are getting enough light. 2 in 1 multifunctional moisture, PH meter is appropriate for a wide range of soil. Basically embed pins of the meter into the soil, change to the setting you need to quantify and read the scale. No battery required, basic and advantageous to utilize. Perfect instrument for both indoor and garden plants mind. 100% spic and span with high caliber device. It would be ideal if you make sure to clean the terminal after each utilization before putting away.

Technical Details

Plastics and stainless metal
Moist readings range
Light readings range
PH readings range
Probe length

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