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3 Wheel Robotic Vehicle Chassis

Get 3 wheel drive robotic chassis body to develop your own robotic projects. Efficient 3wd robotic chassis kit for robotics projects & systems.


Available Stock : 19 Unit

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  • 3wd
  • Light Weight
  • Easy To Make
  • Easy Mounts
  • Compact Design
  • Motors Provided
  • Strong
  • Flexible Design
  • Unscrewable Parts
  • Good Speed

Technical Details

Product Weight
Product Dimension
19 x 15 x 7 cm (width x length x height)
Acrylic / Plastic
Quantity Per Package

Product Overview

Want to make your 3 wheel drive robotic vehicle chassis to make your own with ease? Here is an easy mountable mechanized and circuitc3 wheel drive robot chassis. With efficient black strong and flexible design and 2 dc motors. This 3wd chassis is built to make small robotic vehicles with ease. With this you can make any a compact, light weighted but a strong 3 wheeled robotic vehicle. Get three wheel drive robotic vehicle chassis to make your own 3 wheel robots with ease. Easy to mount your own mechanism and circuits on this 3 wheel drive robot. With efficient black strong design, get this compact 3 wheel robotic chassis to make your own small robots. With 2 dc motors, this 3wd chassis is the best chassis to make small robotic vehicles with ease.


2 x 12V DC motors

Use 9 V lithium batteries or 12v lead acid batteries

Local electronics shops in your area or on ecommerce sites


June 23,2017
The robot body is quite impressive and its quality is as per shown in the images. would like to order more such robots in the future.

June 29,2017
Your service is good and the best thing was the quality of the robot body and thanks for the additional screws provided.

August 12,2017
The kit arrived on time and is as per shown in the images and video.

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