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3.2” resistive touch screen LCD module for Raspberry Pi

Buy a specially designed 3.2” TFT LCD display module with the resolution of 320x240 16-bit color pixel for Raspberry Pi only at Nevonexpress

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Product Overview

A specially designed TFT LCD Module for Raspberry Pi. This LCD Module has a 3.2” display with 320x240, with 16bit color pixel and a resistive touch screen. Its portable size makes it very convenient to use it with microcontroller board Raspberry Pi, as it consists the high speed SPI port, and support console, X windows. The LCD display module can also display images or videos. The module also provides 4 press buttons so that the users can utilize them as per their desired function.


3.2” inch TFT LCD screen
Resistive touch panel
4 user defined press buttons
Well mate with Raspberry Pi Model B+ Board
FBTFT graphic library support
Both command console and X window support
Mounted directly, no need of any extended shield


3.2” inch TFT LCD screen
Resolution 320 x 240, RGB565 format
SPI LCD data bus
LCD controller ILI9341
Touch panel controller STMPE6

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