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4 Channel IOT Data Logger For Industries

4 channel IOT based Data logger for with thermocouple, pressure and level measurement to check data on website as well as mobile phone online or local PC


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  • 4 Channel Input
  • Critical Value Alerting
  • Free IOT System
  • 1 Customizable Data Transmission Rate
  • Free PC Software

Product Overview

Nevon 4 channel data logger with PC as well as IOT support for industrial sensor monitoring. The 4 channel data logger allows to capture temperature sensor data, pressure sensor data as well as level measurement data through a single unit. The system also has an LCD display for monitoring values on logger itself. Lifetime free PC software which is easy to install and free IOT web application as well as mobile app to view your data on the go with instant alerts in case of specific events as set by you. All data sent by the Nevon Data Logger is time and date stamped for efficient reporting and storage. With ability to store as many readings as need in your PC the system also supports export to excel option for data backup.

  • 2 x Temperature Sensors Input
  • 2 x Pressure Sensors Input
  • 1 x Level Sensor Input

  • PC Software:
    The system supports USB as to connect to PC with free PC software for data monitoring. It supports Graphical GUI with reports as well as history of past values for graphical reporting and analysis.

    IOT System:
    The system has IOT support that allows it to transmit the logged data online so that you may check the data over the web as well as through your mobile phone no matter where you are.

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