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4 Meter Long Range RFID Reader

Get 4 meters Long read range rfid readers compatible with development SDK support. Long range uhf rfid scanners for traffic, toll booth, cargo tracking etc.


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  • Upto 4 meter read distance
  • Pole mount as well as Wall Mount Provided
  • Arduino, Raspberry pi, Serial & PC interface
  • Rs232 as well as USB Port
  • IP68 Compliant Waterproofing
  • Smart Compact Design

Product Overview

Get this long range passive uhf RFID scanner which reads up to 4 meter of capacity. This robust RFID scanner is built in with a waterproof body and multi tag reading capacity, which approximately reads 50 tags per second. The best long range RFID scanner for automated attendance, object counter in automation lines, tree counter, pet tracking and identification, and more applications. This uhf scanner comes with a combination of RS 232 interface and USB port, which directly connects to your PC, Raspberry pi or Arduino with SDK support. You can develop a customized system using long range RFID scanner. Operating on 865MHz 868MHz frequency, it can read tags within the range of 4 for various applications. Easy to plug and play, long range scanner which comes with power supply and plug type as per your country. This RFID reader also comes with wall as well as pole mount. So, hurry up and get the long range RFID reader module today.

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