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555 Timer IC

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Product Overview

IC 555 timer is one of the most frequently used IC in electronic equipment and can be utilized in various digital circuits because of its robust and secure attributes. The 555 timer obtained its name in the 3 5k ohm resistor connected in a voltage-divider design. The 555 timer IC is also an essential portion of electronic equipment jobs. Can it be a very simple endeavor involving just one 8 bit micro-controller plus a few peripherals or a complicated one involving program on chips (SoCs), 555 timer functioning is included. Time delays are provided by these, as an oscillator and as a element among programs.


Timing from Microseconds through Hours
Operates in Both Astable and Monostable Modes
Adjustable Duty Cycle
Output Can Source or Sink 200 mA
Output and Supply TTL Compatible
Temperature Stability Better than 0.005% per ºC
Short-circuit protected output
Available in 8-pin VSSOP Package

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