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7 Segment Display CC

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The 7-segment screen, also written as "seven segment display", is made up of seven LEDs (hence its name) organized in a rectangular fashion as shown. Each of those seven LEDs is known as a segment because when illuminated the section forms a portion of a numerical digit (both Decimal and Hex) to be exhibited. An extra 8th LED is sometimes used within the exact same package thus permitting the indication of a decimal point, (DP) when two or more 7-segment displays are connected with each other to display amounts greater than ten. Each of the seven LEDs in the screen is given a positional segment being attracted out of the package that was rectangular. These separately LED pins are tagged from a via to gram representing every LED. The LED pins are attached and wired to make a pin. The common cathode display is usually called CC display. In this type the common pin onto the display is connected to each of the eight Cathode pins of the LEDs. So In order to produce this type of seven segment display to function we ought to connect he Com pin to the Ground pin and power the additional pins with Vcc (+5V typically).


Display common cathode for the four red LED
Digital tube 8 gray adjustable
Power supply
80mA @5V,typical:30mA

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7 Segment Display CC

7 Segment Display CC

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