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8251A USART programmable communication interface IC

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Product Overview

The 8251A is employed as a peripheral device and can be programmed with the CPU to function using any serial data transmission procedure currently in use. The USART accepts information figures in the CPU in format and then converts them in a continuous serial data stream for transmission. Simultaneously, it may get serial data streams and then convert them to parallel data figures for your CPU. The USART will indicate the CPU if it could take a new character for transmission or if it has obtained a personality for your CPU. The CPU can read the whole status of this USART at any moment. These contain information transmission errors and control signs like SYNDET, TX EMPTY. The processor is manufactured with Intel's high performance HMOS technology.


Compatible with extended range of Intel microprocessors
It provides both synchronous and asynchronous data transmission
Synchronous 5-8 bit characters
Asynchronous 5-8 bit characters
It has full duplex, double buffered transmitter and receiver
Detects the errors-parity, overrun and framing errors
All inputs and outputs are TTL compatible
Available in 28-pin DIP package

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