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9V Original FIW High-Quality Battery

Buy high quality 9V Original FIW High-Quality Battery along with other Lithium-Ion and Lipo Batteries, Polymer Batteries and much more online at low prices.


Available Stock : 1000 Unit

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Product Overview

Nevon Express supplies a wide range of high-quality Lithium-Ion, Lipo Batteries, Polymer Batteries which includes 9V Original FIW High-Quality Battery. This is a non-rechargeable battery used or general purpose and application needs. Such batteries are used in testing lab for various purposes. This battery is genuine, has long life and is the best option available in the market at low cost. It has universal size and connecting points and hence can be used in many DIY projects, household applications, and can be vey easily replaced and installed as same as AA battery or a AAA battery. If you are looking for a new battery for applications like Wireless audio transmitter-receiver systems, Flashlight, Portable Phone Charger, Wireless doorbell, childrens toys then this battery will be the right option for you as this battery is long-lasting, reliable option for sensor devices like smoke detector. Hence, it will be great option to keep extra such 9Vs batteries around.

Dimensions (mm) LxWxH:4.5 x 2.2 x 1.5
Weight (gm):178
Discharge Time:270hm, 9hours
Nominal Voltage (V):9V
Jacket Material:Metal
Discharge Terminal Type:Press Stud Terminal

Features :

• It has constant 9V output till lasts.
• It has metal jacket body.
• Easy installation & replacement.
• Consists of 0% mercury & cadmium.
• It has Corrosion free Connector Point for long-term use.
• It is OEM Compatible.

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9V Original FIW High-Quality Batter ....

9V Original FIW High-Quality Batter ....

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