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ATMEL 8051 Quick Starter Development Board

Buy ATMEL 8051 Quick Starter Development Board with On-Board AT89S52,MAX232,16x2 LCD,DS1307 Support AT89SXX,P89V51RD2,SST89E516RD at lowest price guaranteed online at nevonexpress


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Product Overview

The 8051 Quick starter kits are suitable for programming 8051. Quick starter kit includes for loading HEX file into AT89S52, ATMEL AVR 8051 Programmer. This kit is for designing and testing 8051 jobs like DS1307 based clock, LCD interface. This board contains integrated alphanumeric 16x2 LCD display, DS1307 RTC, port expander, power source circuit, RS232 interface for serial communication, power status LED(RED), Reset switch, User friendly switch, User LED(GREEN), that conveniently interface with 8051 microcontroller and allow you to easily simulate the operation of goal device. The board can be used with the AT89S51/52 along with also the P89V51RD2 microcontrollers. The P89V51RD2 allows serial programming and can be programmed right with this board through a serial link without an external programmer.


8051 Quick starter development board
ATMEL AVR 8051 USB ISP Programmer
AT89S52 Microcontroller,MAX232 On-board
Alphanumeric 16x2 LCD display On-Board
DS1307 RTC(Real Time Clock) On-Board
Temperature Range
3V lithium battery
1.5 Meter USB A to USB B cable
6 Pin Polarized cable

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ATMEL 8051 Quick Starter Developmen ....

ATMEL 8051 Quick Starter Developmen ....

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