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Aluminium Heat Sink PI48-20mm

Buy high quality Heat Sink PI48-20mm and with other transistors, IC sockets, DC fan motor, electronic components at low and best price online in Mumbai, Thane, Maharashtra, all parts of India & Abroad with best discount offers here.


Available Stock : 1000 Unit

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Nevon Express supplies a wide range of high-quality with other transistors, IC sockets, DC fa motor which includes Heat Sink PI48-20mm. This Aluminium Heat sink is used to dissipate heat from any TO-220 or TOP-3 package Voltage Regulators, Triac, SCR, Transistors and much more.


The Size of this PI48 is 20mm.
Aluminium is used for manufacturing.

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Aluminium Heat Sink PI48-20mm

Aluminium Heat Sink PI48-20mm

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