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Buy BCX53-10E a PNP medium power transistors, which is housed in TO243AA package, together with countless other transistors at the lowest price on Nevonexpress


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BCX53-10E is a PNP medium power transistors, which is designed for use in medium power general purpose applications and driver stages of audio amplifiers. This Silicon AF Transistors features high collector current and low collector-emitter saturation voltage. BCX53-10E is housed in TO243AA package and its Complementary NPN type transistor is BCX56-10.


Collector- Emitter Voltage
- 80 V
Collector- Base Voltage
- 100 V
Emitter- Base Voltage
- 5 V
Collector Current
- 1 A
Collector Dissipation
1.2 W
DC Current Gain (hfe)
100 to 250
Transition Frequency
50 MHz
Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range
-65 to +150 °C
High collector current
Its Complementary PNP type transistor is BCX56-10

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