Bus Booking & Management System Software

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Bus Booking & Management System Software

Enhance your bus service for your passengers while saving costs on fuel and inefficient bus runs using the complete bus booking, scheduling and management system by nevonsolutions.

System Benefits:

  • Ensure Efficient Seat Utilization
  • Ease Of Booking For Passengers
  • Advance Bus Occupancy Monitoring
  • Easy Online Reporting
  • Reduced Fuel Costs & Efficient Passenger Service

Product Overview

Ensure efficient bus seat utilization saving on fuel costs and ensuring easy seat booking by your bus passengers. Nevon Bus booking system ensures the best bus service utilization for you as well as the passengers. With android and iOS apps for ease of booking allows passengers to see all bus schedules and book available seats from the comfort of their home. Admin reports give you in insight into bus seat utilization to see areas of improvement, improve passenger comfort as well as save on fuel costs and optimize bus utilization efficiency.


Easy Bus Seat Booking System for Passengers

● Bus Selection
● Checking Seat Availability   Through Android & iOS Apps
● Seat Booking & Confirmation
● Booking Cancelation
● Separate iOS & Android      Apps

Admin Dashboard For Efficient Management

● Add/Edit Bus Details
● Remove Bus
● Edit/Update Bus Schedules
● Create / Update Passenger Login
● Create / Update Driver Login


● Monthly/Weekly Occupancy Report
● Advance Booking Report
● Export To Excel Option

Driver Authentication Application

● Verification of Seat Bookings
● Management through    Android App


Admin Dashboard Screenshots

Booking App Screenshots

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