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NevonUVLizer PU30C-R Portable Mini UV Sterilizer

The PU30C-R mini portable ultraviolet sterilizerwith roll on mechanism that makes sterilizationfaster and easier without any water or chemicals. Instant UV Sterilization allows you to get rid of any bacteria/viruses/fungus within a matter of seconds. Engineered to perfection using 254nm Ultraviolet light PU30C-R is the Ultimate portable sterilizer.

Time & Distance Chart

Distance of Infected Surface from Device
Time is Exposure Time needed for Disinfection
Surface Contact


Speedy Disinfection of :
  1. Door Handles, Walls, Tables, Beds
  2. Hospital/Office Equipment
  3. Mask, Clothes, Eyeglasses, Wearables
  4. Washroom: Basin, Taps, Flush Tank etc
  5. Electronic Devices: Mobile Phones, Laptops, Stationary


  • Speedy Virus Deactivation
  • No Water Needed
  • No Chemicals Needed
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Portable Disinfection
  • Directional UV For Targeted Disinfection
  • No Special Training Needed
  • 20 feet Long Wire with Device

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