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Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

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Product Overview

Nevon Solutions supplies a wide range of packaging machines of high-quality which includes Chamber Packaging machines. Vacuum Packaging machines revolutionize the way food is stored. By storing food in vacuum, the shelf life for refrigerated, frozen and pantry foods is greatly increased. Air can cause the food to become stale, fermented, dried out or develop freezer burn, such problems can be avoided by vacuum packing which keeps the food fresh for longer period of time. This vacuum packaging machine is a chamber type machine which can suck out air from the pouch and seal it. The machine frame and vacuum chamber of this machine is made of stainless steel with measurement and control of vacuum. This packaging machine has impulse heat-sealing facility with electronic timer along with audio and visual indicators.


Product Size
150 mm X 5500 mm
Sealing Length
300 mm
Sealing Width
10 mm
Vacuum Pump
1000 Litres / Minute other optional
Packing Cycle
35 Seconds & above depending upon the product

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