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DHT11 Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor Module Arduino Compatible

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Product Overview

The sensor module consists of resistive humidity detection components and ntc temperature testing The perfect computerized temperature sensing sensor module is associated with 8-byte mcu The perusing made by DHT11 is extremely compact and stable; however, the client needs to refresh the perusing of the sensor in each 2 sec with a specific end goal to stay away from past signal gathering of information. Inferable from its little size DHT11 devours low power, typically 3-5.5 volt control is utilized for the working of the sensor and up-to-20 meter flag transmission makes this gadget appropriate and mainstream for different applications. The sensor is versatile and very steady, can be utilized for embedded gadgets for weather observing and similar kinds of utilizations. Single information line is utilized for recovering the estimation made by the sensor.


12mm x 10mm x 28mm
Humidity Accuracy
Humidity Range
Temperature Range
0-60 Degree C
Temperature Accuracy
±2 Degree C

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