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Product Overview

Slimline Programmable Logic Controllers are Deltas with high performance. High speed DVP Series PLCs are the most efficient and cost-effective which incorporates communication capabilities. The advantage of this slimline PLC includes numerous built-in convenient for easy operation access and communication function monitoring. This DVP12SE11R/T has 8 Digital Input and 4 Digital Output Programmable Logic Controllers. It is the most complete network type advanced PLC in the industry which adopts 32-bit CPU. It has clip-on extension modules-general on right side. It has Plug-in terminals which provides ease for wiring and maintenance. DVP12SE11R/T has compact dimensions of 90 mm (H) x 60 (D) mm DIN rail mounting. Its built-in speed counters up to 100-200 kHz with model dependant.


Model Type
Type of Series
SE Series
Power Supply
24 VDC
No. of Digital Inputs
No. of Digital Outputs
Power Consumption
Weight (g)
Fuse capacity
2.5 A/30 VDC, Polyswitch
Insulation resistance
> 5 M Ohm (all I/O point-to-ground: 500 VDC)
Power protection
With counter-connection protection on the polarity of DC input power
Maximum power loss time is 10ms or less.
Type of Output


DVP12SE11R/T supports 2-axis linear and arc interpolation
It has high execution speed of LD: 0.64μs, MOV: 2μs
It has built-in mini USB, Ethernet and 2x RS485 com ports
It has 8 sets of high-speed counters (2 x 100kHz / 6 x 10kHz)
It has Program Capacity of 16k steps / data register: 12k words
It has built-in ethernet supports MODBUS TCP and Ethernet/IP
DVP12SE11R/T is small in size and easy to install.

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