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Fluke 115 True RMS Digital Multimeter

Buy high quality Fluke 115 True RMS Digital Multimeter along with other HTC digital multimeter for measuring voltage current, digital USB mobile power voltage tester online at low price.


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Product Overview

Nevon Express supplies wide range of high-quality digital multimeters, testing and measuring equipment which includes Fluke 115 True RMS Digital Multimeter. This digital multimeter can troubleshoot electrical issues in household or industrial appliances. This multimeter can be used by field service technicians in multiple electronics test applications and resolves electrical problems. Voltage, current or resistance and all measurements can be clearly seen on the white LED backlight display of this true RMS multimeter. It has 400 hours of battery run without backlight. This multimeter gives a strong power backup for troubleshooting services.

AC amps True RMS:6.000 A / 0.001 A
AC millivolts1 True RMS Accuracy:1.0% + 3 (DC, 45 Hz to 500 Hz)
AC millivolts1 True RMS Range/resolution:600.0 mV / 0.1 mV
AC volts1 True RMS Range/resolution:6.000 V / 0.001 V
Accuracy (DC millivolts):± ([% of reading] + [counts]): 0.5% + 2
Accuracy DC volts:± ([% of reading] + [counts]): 0.5% + 2
Accuracy:1.0% + 3 (DC, 45 Hz to 500 Hz)
Battery life:400 hours typical, without backlight
Battery type:9 volt Alkaline, IEC 6LR61
Continuity Accuracy:Beeper on 250 Ω detects opens or shorts of
Continuity Range/resolution:600 Ω / 1 Ω
Diode test Accuracy:0.9% + 2
Diode test Range/resolution:2.00 V / 0.001 V
Lo-Z capacitance Accuracy:10% + 2 typical
Lo-Z capacitance Range:1 nF to 500 μF
Ohms Accuracy:0.9% + 1
Ohms Accuracy:5% + 2
Ohms Range/resolution:600.0 Ω / 0.1 Ω
Ohms Range/resolution:40.00 MΩ / 0.01 MΩ
Operating temperature:-10℃ to + 50℃
Range/resolution (DC millivolts):600.0 mV / 0.1 mV
Range/resolution DC volts:6.000 V / 0.001 V
Size:167 x 84 x 46 mm (6.57 x 3.31 x 1.82 in)
Storage temperature:-40℃ to + 60℃

Features :

• AC/DC current, AC/DC voltage, resistance, frequency, capacitance measurements.
• Diode and continuity test with buzzer.
• Min/max/average to record signal fluctuations.
• Large white LED backlight to work in poorly lit areas.
• Long battery life with auto power off.

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