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Fluke 59 Mini Infrared Thermometer

Buy Fluke 59 Mini Digital Infrared Thermometer -18C to 275C at lowest price online at nevonexpress


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Product Overview

Buy Fluke 59 Mini Digital Infrared Thermometer -18C to 275C at lowest price online at nevonexpress. The Fluke 59 Mini digital thermometer is the perfect product for electricians to do daily electrical installation and maintenance jobs. The Fluke 59 Mini Infrared Thermometer offers quick and reliable surface temperature readings. This compact and portable design enables technicians to easily carry, hold and operate the meter under industrial environment

Key Features:

Easy-to-use for everyday temperature measurements
Single point laser sighting for accurate and repeatable measurements
Large, easy-to- read backlit LCD display for easy viewing
Small and lightweight design fits easily fits into your tool box

Other Specifications:

Display Hold 7 seconds
LCD Backlight Display
4 Hrs Battery Life
Standards Conforms to EN 61326-1 Electromagnetic , Emissions and Susceptability , EN 61010-1 General Safety , EN 60825-1 Laser Safety
CE, CMC Certifications


Model No
Fluke 59 Mini
Temperature Range(C)
-18°C to 275°C
Distance To Spot Ratio
± 2%
±1 %
0.2 °C/0.5 °F
Response Time
Less Than 500 ms
Thermopile/Spectral Response
6.5-18 µm
Relative Humidity
10%-90 % RH
Storage Temperature
-20°C to 60°C
Power 9 V Battery
Weight 200 g
Battery , Quick Start Guide
Temperature Range In Fahrenheit
0° to 525°F
152x102x38 mm

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