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Footgen - Footstep Power Generator System

Get the footstep power generator system with 100Watt per sq ft generation capacity for power generation at crowded railway stations, bus stops, pilgrim sites, playgrounds, entrance gates etc


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  • Upto 100Watt per Sq.ft. By human footstep
  • Produces free and clean energy source
  • Extremely Low Space Required
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Upto 1kw by using vehicles movements
  • Operational 24/7
  • Space for Battery and Inventer.
  • Easy To Install & Use
  • No Dependence On Climatic Conditions
  • Generates power at Crowded railway stations,bus stops, pilgrim sites, playgrounds, entrance gates etc.

Product Overview

Each footstep you take has the potential to generate a 100Watts. How is this possible ? Well Footgen d based generators which are highly dependent of weather consitions and have the ability to generate upto 15 Watts & 50 Watts per square ft respectively. The footstep power generator has the unique ability to generate upto 100Watt per sq ft using a single human foorstep and around 1KW per sq ft on vehicle movements. Unlike the climate dependent solar and wind generation, the footgen relies on strongest and most reliable force on earth Gravity. Gravity is not change and is available 24 hours a day. Footgen utilizes gravity using human and vehicle motion on earth to generate high amounts of clean energy throughout the day. The system takes advantage of the growing human populations, increasing amounts of vehicles on roads, crowded railway stations, bus stops, pilgrim sites, playgrounds, entrance gates etc to generate great amounts of clean energy. Just attach a battery and inverter to the generator or series of generators to utilize this free and clean energy source.


December 15,2017
does give the approx result.

December 29,2017
Package was delivered in time with duely components needed.

January 14,2018
Gud project, gud work, like the way it was packed and delivered, accurate with the result. Nevon always surprises me.

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